About Tiles and Tiling Industry Association Australia

Department of Fair Trading NSW, NFP tile industry association

Mission Statement

“Fair, Ethical, Green & Credible”

TTIAA intentions are to be active within all Australian, State and Territories as well as expand the scope of membership and as such welcome all those working within the Australian Tiles & Tiling Industry. A foci, not just on the tiles and the tiling, but all the people that contribute, to make or form tiling systems.

TTIAA will represent & interact with State and Federal Governments, other associated building and construction industry associations notably on matters of tiles and tiling works/systems.

Participate, in working committees on matters of ISO/AS- Standards, which include Sustainable/Environmental tiling systems and processes of tile manufacturing and tiling installation:

Such as (but not limited to) Australian Standards committee BD – 044 (AS 3958.1 & 2—2007) and AS Committee BD-094 (AS HB 198-2014). The Green Building Council Australia (GBCA), The Flooring Institute Alliance the Housing Industry Australia (HIA), and the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA).

Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society and other such credible Industry Bodies, thus, embracing the Cradle to Grave concept that is; the life cycle of tiling systems.

Participate with other National Industries such as: Tile manufacturers, Adhesive/Grout/Waterproofing manufacturers of Australia; notably on matters of early entry point training such as retail outlets, tiling apprentices and or regular upskilling events for all those engage within the Australian Tiling Industry.

Establish and maintain a permanent professional development annual accreditation process for TTIAA’s members; notably tile retail outlets, tile installers and tiling water-proofers.

The Australian Tile & Tiling Industry under the Banner of TTIAA will promote the sale of tiles and tiling works as well as associated products, ensuring the consumer that; all the members who represent the Tiles & Tiling industry, endeavour to provide a unique experience to the Consumer and one that focuses on customer satisfaction, sustainable quality products and service.

TTIAA’s members are required and defined by the TTIAA Code of Ethics, and will provide tiles, associated products and tiling installation in compliance with Australian Consumer law, warranties on goods and services, the relevant ISO/Australian Standards and manufacturers recommendations.



Code of Ethics

“Fair, Ethical, Green & Credible”

Aspiration & Code of Ethics for all Members of the Tile & Tilers Industry Association Australia. (TTIA) (Inc.)

The Australian Consumer Law must be complied with to ensure all dealings with the consumer are fair, ethical and equitable.

To represent the Australian Tile & Tilers Industry Association and promote the sale of tiles and tiling works as well as associated products, ensuring the consumer that all the members who represent TTIAA, endeavour to provide a unique experience to the Consumer & one that focuses on the importance of sustainable tiling systems & customer satisfaction.

To ensure that at either the point of sale or installation; any type, size, quality, characteristics of tiles are noted or installed to the appropriate references, to that either of or for the Australian/ISO Standards.

Similarly, as above with adhesives, grouts, primers & sealers and other associated products supplied for any purpose for that of the installation of tiles.

In good faith and to advance consumer confidence within the Australian Tiling industry; provide an after sale service, for those consumers who indeed require further genuine assistance.

To conciliate with other TTIAA members with the endeavour to continually raise the knowledge and skill level of all TTIAA members and in doing so negate others who will discredit the credibility of the Australian Tile & Tilers Industry.

To participate with TTIAA on entry point and up-skilling training for tiles & tiling to ensure a well-informed skilled, credible Industry Association maintains its position as the leading supplier and installer of sustainable green surface coverings and associated products.

As such contributing to the prosperity and the environment of Australia & Australians.




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